Book - Lean Maintenance

Author : Ricky Smith & Bruce Hawkins

What is "Lean?" Whether referring to manufacturing operations or maintenance, lean is about doing more with less: less effort, less space, fewer defects, less throughput time, lower volume requirements, less capital for a given level of output, etc. The need to provide the customer more value with less waste is a necessity for any firm wanting to stay in business, especially in today's increasingly global market place. And this is what lean thinking is all about. Lean Operations are difficult to sustain. More Lean Manufacturing Plant Transformations have been abandoned than have achieved true Lean Enterprise status. There are solid and recurring reasons for both of these conditions. The most significant of these reasons is that production support processes have not been pre-positioned or refined adequately to assist the manufacturing plant in making the lean transformation. And the most significant of the support functions is the maintenance operation, which determines production line equipment reliability. Moving the maintenance operation well into its own lean transformation is a must-do prerequisite for successful manufacturing plant - or any process plant - Lean Transformations. This Handbook provides detailed, step-by-step, fully explained processes for each phase of Lean Maintenance implementation providing examples, checklists and methodologies of a quantity, detail and practicality that no previous publication has even approached. It is required reading, and a required reference, for every plant and facility that is planning, or even thinking of adopting "Lean" as their mode of operation.

Reliability Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Technicians, Mechanical Engineers

1. Common Ground 1.1 The History and Evolution of Learn 1.2 Lean Manufacturing and Lean 1.3 Governing Principles: What is Lean and What is Not 1.4 Relationships in the Lean Environment 1.5 Summary of Lean Concepts 2. Goals and Objectives 2.1 The Primary Goals and Objectives of Manufacturing 2.2 Integrating Lean Goals with Maintenance Goals 2.3 The Need for, and Gaining, Commitment 2.4 Measuring Progress 3. Total Productive Maintenance 3.1 TPM (Fine-Tuned) is Lean Maintenance 3.2 Fine-Tuning TPM Using Reliability Centered Maintenance 4. Pre-Planning for Lean Maintenance 4.1 Gaining Knowledge/Imparting Knowledge 4.2 The Transformation Roadmap 4.3 Lean Maintenance Transformation Kick-Off Meeting 4.4 Phase 1: Developing the POA&M and the Master Plan 5. Launching the Master Plan (POA&M) 5.1 The Sequence of Events 6. Mobilizing and Expanding the Lean Transformation 6.1 Mobilizing Lean in the Maintenance Organization (Phase 4) 6.2 Expanding the Lean Maintenance Transformation 7. Sustaining Lean – Long Term Execution 7.1 Sustaining Continuous Improvement (Phase 6) Appendix A: Checklists and Forms Appendix B: Documentation Examples Appendix C: Articles of Interest Glossary Index

287 pages

Published May 2004

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